The Akashic Records are a literal metaphor of all things that have ever occurred within the known universe, which are recorded. We generally access the records that are relevant to us and our life. It holds all the contracts in the file cabinets of a the Akashic library.

It takes into account every millisecond, so it’s nothing more than a telephone switchboard. All you do is plug in and receive that specific switch.

The Akashic Records teach people how to think differently and perceive in new found ways as it allows us to access information from the ascended masters, ancestors, friends, teachers and anyone else who holds a relation to you.




NLP, invented by Dr. Richard Bandler & Professor John Grinder in the 1970s, is a branch of cognitive-behavioral psychology that uses language to access the unconscious mind, altering both internal mindset and external behaviors.

Various communication techniques allow a person to re-wire thought patterns, thus creating new behaviors and impacting relationships. When you step outside of your primal brain, and release limiting beliefs and mal-adaptive survival strategies, a whole new way of life presents itself.

One Light



One Light Healing Touch, created by Ron Lavin, is a hands-on system of energy healing that combines 33 different techniques into one dynamic, grounding, heart-centered therapy.

Through guided practice, clients develop simple effective tools for responding rather than reacting to situations, which allows them to release nonproductive thoughts and ideas. Through mindfulness and recognizing their power of choice, clients learn to be centered in the midst of chaos and become present in daily life.



Sound Healing is a practice that allows individuals to relax and focus on the feeling aspect in the heart. Sound healing involves using various instruments such as singing bowls, tuning forks, and one’s own voice to shift the biochemistry and allow the nervous system to decompress. It is one of the most simple and effective ways to center one's self, which reduces stress, increases circulation, enhances focus, and improves immune response.



Creative Movement is designed to empower children and adults to own their gifts by bringing awareness through movement. We use positive affirmations and guided visualizations while simultaneously moving our bodies. 

Movement helps us build a stronger sense of self and focus on the greatness in our lives. Creative physical movement only adds to more connection and a well-balanced mindset. When you speak words into the movement such as positive affirmations, you open up the possibility for your consciousness to change for the better.

The goal of movement is to offer a way to experience life the way you desire with positive thoughts impacting the relationship within yourself and others.