I Provide Somatic Coaching and Energy Healing to Adults, Children, and Families


How I Work with Adults

I support you by focusing on getting you to feel your raw truth in its fullness. This allows you to break through in releasing old ways of thinking that are not conducive for your health and life.

You will practice new techniques to keep you grounded and learn to trust yourself as your own best teacher and healer. Through this process, you will step up your level of intimate communication with yourself and all relations as you ascend internally and externally into your higher purpose. 

Rediscover your inner child’s sense of curiosity and ease of living. You will find that it is ACTUALLY POSSIBLE to create balance, purpose, and joy in your life. This happens when you give yourself permission to feel.

I hold space as you take the lead in your personal transformation through receiving from the physical/emotional/and spiritual bodies by feeling the visceral sensations which provide us with higher wisdom

Love From My Clients:

"Working with Natie took me to the next level of my spiritual journey in regards to both my business and personal life. 

"Natie used her gifts as a sound healer and intuitive coach to help uproot deep emotional patterns that were interfering with my ability to live a fully abundant life. She also gave me concrete exercises to practice at home so I could continue the healing process on my own."

- Sarah Itkin, Intuitive Healer


How I Work with Children

Using an educational and creative therapeutic approach, I get a sense of your child's needs, sensitivities, and triggers. Educational Kinesiology, gentle questions and other techniques help me understand the origins of your child’s current challenges.

In ongoing sessions, your child will learn how to advocate for him or herself and acknowledge his or her strengths. In addition, sound healing is one of the keys in the process to soothing a child's nervous system, allowing for a deeper sense of internal peace. I teach how to step inside one's habitual ways of thinking and see outside of his or her set ways, by learning to practice with new ways of thriving in family and social relationships. 

I provide additional support to give a child comfort, eliminate distractions, and create a sense of trust, thus allowing your child to be open to the changes he or she requires. 

Additionally, I offer remote sessions for children using sound healing and other tools to release their stress, and I share the results and what comes through with the parents.

Love From My Clients:

"I've noticed an enormous change in our son. As a child with a variety of sensory challenges, Natie has brought that sensation into his life and tasks.

"We've noticed a big improvement in his play and at school."

- Rebecca Martin


How I Work with Families

For family sessions, I typically have the parent(s) speak to me first. Then the child is seen remotely one-on-one, and finally parent(s) and child reunite to discuss and practice new skills we’ve developed.

Families get to examine and release old patterns of relating, in order to create perspective that will serve to cultivate harmony. We forge new strategies to address challenges.

Through this heart-opening practice of working as a team, we decrease stress, improve communication, and address transitions and trauma. We create a tool bucket which you will use with your children to stay grounded in your daily lives and to experience a deeper understanding of yourself and family relationships.

You and your child are invited to ongoing sessions of healing, mentoring, and self-empowerment techniques. You get to walk away feeling confident and skilled in transforming family challenges into opportunities. Your family's unique sparkle will begin to shine!

Workshops and Webinars

I offer training in family wellness and intuitive conscious parenting that focuses on your child's health and well-being. Check out more info here.

Recently I was in Florida offering my shake off and tune up services at a conference. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see where I will be next!

Love From My Clients:

"It has been a wonderful learning opportunity for me as a parent. My older child has sensory processing disorder and Natie has shown me where she stores tension in her body and given me strategies to help release it.

"What has been most eye-opening is discovering some of the emotional triggers that cue physical responses in her body and how different modalities - in particular sound - can release tensions where other efforts are perhaps failing.

"Natie’s advice has helped me to parent more sympathetically and given me a greater perspective around my children’s needs and the support I can offer them."

- Rachel Daykin

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