"Thank you so much, Natie, for starting me on my journey of healing and self-realization! You have given me so many tools for healing.

"I'm feeling like the divine being that I am and feeling my old wounds dissolving like never before. I learned so much about how powerful I truly am. I am blessed to have come into your path and hire you to coach me.

"You helped change my life in such an amazing way and I highly recommend you to anyone that is in need of freeing themselves from wounds and want to feel their heart and headspace open to love and light!" 

- Rachael Garbez

"I like to call Natie my 'emotional healer.' Whereas a therapist helps me rationalize uncomfortable emotions, Natie helps me FEEL them so I can actually let them go, with permission for me to get as vulnerable as I need to. In this way, I PROCESS emotions and learn from them faster than I would on my own (assuming I'd ever get there without her).

"Working with her is deeper and more healing, and the different modalities she uses make our sessions fun and transformational. It's like therapy 2.0."

- Natalia Real, Digital Strategist

"Working with Natie took me to the next level of my spiritual journey in regards to both my business and personal life. 

"Natie used her gifts as a sound healer and intuitive coach to help uproot deep emotional patterns that were interfering with my ability to live a fully abundant life. She also gave me concrete exercises to practice at home so I could continue the healing process on my own."

- Sarah Itkin, Intuitive Healer

"Natie has a heart full of love and compassion. She knows exactly how to connect with my daughter, who asks for Natie's meditation... We have more peace at home and less tantrums."

- Angela Jia Kim

"Natie is a godsend! My 7-year-old daughter was recently hospitalized and I was at a complete loss as to how to help both myself and my daughter address the vestiges of such an experience. Natie gave us clear and tangible guidance and her support is one of the most healing experiences I’ve had."

- Jennifer Muir-Braunstein

"I've noticed an enormous change in our son. As a child with a variety of sensory challenges, Natie has brought that sensation into his life and tasks. We've noticed a big improvement in his play and at school."

- Rebecca Martin

"It has been a wonderful learning opportunity for me as a parent working with Natie. My older child has sensory processing disorder and Natie has been able to show me where she stores tension in her body and given me strategies for helping release it.

"What has been most eye-opening for me is discovering some of the emotional triggers that cue physical responses in her body and how different modalities - in particular sound - can release tensions where other efforts are perhaps failing.

"Natie’s advice has definitely helped me to parent more sympathetically and given me a greater perspective around my children’s needs and the support I can offer them."

- Rachel Daykin

"I want to let you know how much our healing sessions have helped me. Your unique way of blending different modalities have touched me on many different levels. It allowed me to relax into my body and let it do its thing.

"When a concern or a fear of taking my health to the next level arose, you were compassionate and respected my need for this journey to continue at it's own pace. The messages you got brought me clarity around issues that were long buried. You have a gift that the world needs."  

- Shari Riley, Founder of Intuitive Healing

"Natie is a multitalented healer and coach. She utilizes a variety of modalities in her work. Natie is a powerful intuitive healer. She is committed to supporting her clients in healing, growth, and transformation."

- Nancy Plumer, Founder of Women with Wisdom

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