Find Your Parenting Mantra

Parenting involves many volcanic moments. Times when we may need to blow our tops, but we often don't choose to. 

Instead, we hold in all that emotional turmoil until it feels like a pound of bricks on our shoulders. In the middle of one of these moments we think there’s no way out. But we do have the power to choose how we respond and to change our mind sets. 

Having a go-to mantra, whether simple or complex, can be a powerful tool to bring a positive shift for ourselves and our children.

The easiest mantra is to remind ourselves: 

“Stop and breathe.” 

Then consciously focus on your feet and ground yourself. A longer activation statement I've learned through Infinity Healing is very powerful:

“Let's command the light of consciousness to activate change and generate healing immediately.” 

Whatever mantra you choose should be repeated several times while allowing the breath to flow completely through your body. You can enhance this by either smelling or dipping your hands into pine essential oil mixed with water.  

By expanding our self-awareness we can create freedom within any situation. Parents CAN utilize creativity and the power of intention to release all that does not serve the family!  

Change Your Morning: Whoosh, Swoosh, Ahhhh

One of the simplest tools a child can benefit from is your gentle, grounded loving touch. Waking up just 10 minutes early to incorporate massage into your routine takes discipline, but once you build this family habit, your children will thank you and you will thank yourself.  

I know you are probably thinking… Natie how in the world will we have time for this? Well the most transformative moments require you to slow down and be present.

First begin with massaging your child’s feet, focus on your connection and what you would like to support your child in receiving. As you give the massage, focus on your intention for their day and watch how your child’s energy responds.

Breathe deeply, modelling how to relax and meditate. Show your child how you slow down and tune into their individual needs.

In those 10 minutes, have your child choose some of his or her favorite scents and massage an essential oil into their feet. I love working with Young Living Essential Oils. I am a distributor so please contact me to purchase some products.

After practicing giving your child this gift on a regular basis, teach them how to massage their feet or hands so they take responsibility for their own well-being.

There are wonderful books about reflexology for children. Here is one of my favorites: Happy Feet: A Child's Guide to Foot Reflexology 

There is simply no need to rush around the house, hardly catching a breath, and thus losing your patience. With this simple 10-minute exercise, you can start your day from a place of focus and compassion.

The best part is knowing your child just got a potent dose of love and kindness. Watch how this gift supports their day ahead!

P.S. For more healing books for children check out this amazing author: Leia Stinnett.