“I’m overwhelmed” is basically your new catchphrase…

And you’re SO ready for a change, dear one!

Yet, what is it you are truly seeking to rediscover? It lives inside of you, if and only if you dare to walk the path of least resistance. You are here NOW!

The thing is, there's this belief system that we have to “work harder” and “fix ourselves,” like we’re broken mugs needing to get glued back together (and doomed to leak a drop or two of your favorite tea with every use) …

And if you look around at all the anxious, hurting people in your life who are are choosing to hide under the blankets literally while they act like they are in total control, resorting to quick fixes like sugar, alcohol and other distractions which only reinforce they are not fully capable of handling obstacles nor is it possible to be fully in their truth.


It’s easy to see that this belief system is not working so well, is it?

Know this: it’s not your fault. There is nothing wrong with you.

~The belief system we’ve been handed down is flawed!~


“I’m Natie and I’ve got a better system for you, so that you can become friends with yourself instead of feeling like you’re constantly fighting. I enable you to take the lead, becoming your own best initiator as you learn how to practice the art of self-healing.”


The good news is this:

  • It's actually easier to think of ourselves as already whole

  • To commit to being with ourselves and exploring our caves

  • To truly feeling everything that comes up so you can finally…



Not to mention, that this more enlightened belief system also (bonus!) helps you feel more excited to do the “work”... because you’ll actually feel the transformations happening, moment to moment.

We’re not messing around here!
The time is NOW to step fully into your transformation

What our monthly coaching process looks like:

We will hold a 60-minute video 3 times per month, where I will connect with your spirit guides and:

  • Bring you back into your body so you can let go of your anxious mind and be present in your life instead

  • Reprogram your mind to surrender from your old ways of being as you feel seen and valued

  • Allow you to release what is no longer serving you

  • Teach you how to face and love your truth and who you are

  • Guide you to carve out a path where you decide what it is that you require to create the life that you desire.

I will also be available to you in between sessions for support, accountability and reassurance. Going through a tough time? Shoot me a text and I’ll get back to you ASAP with a soothing, uplifting voice recording, just for you. We’re in this together now!

Our work together will give you the clarity, confidence, and inner-strength to receive information from your inner knowing and have a crystal clear way to navigate your everyday emotions and obstacles with grace.


Investment in the future you: $1,111 monthly (Payment plans are available)


After working with me (The results you can expect):

  • You will walk away as an unstoppable powerhouse fully able to receive and accept your gifts. Hello, confidence and grace!

  • Your anxiety will finally become your best friend A.K.A. you will feel that life is finally working for you

  • You will show up in the world as the extraordinary being who knows you both deserve and can get anything you desire

  • Your sacred truth will win the war over your critical mind A.K.A. you will feel greater peace and joy in your life

Are you ready for the juicier, joyful, expansive more evolved version of you? You will experience a massive transformation that honors who you truly are, because you will have learned the art of trusting yourself.

Investment in the future you: $1,111 monthly (Payment plans are available)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. What modalities do you use during our sessions?
    During the sessions, I will support you using Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Breathwork, Sound healing, Empowerment Activations, Emotional Freedom Technique, Self-Healing Modalities, Akashic Records Guidance, One Light Healing Touch, and other effective tools to transform your life. I will also provide you with funwork, accountability, resources for learning, health-related guidance such as foods/herbs/other ways to feel great in your body.

  2. What software do I need for the video calls?
    We’ll use Zoom or the free app WhatsApp messenger for our weekly sessions and to communicate in between if needed.

  3. This sounds amazing but I’m not fully sure if it’s for me…
    I LOVE working with women who know they’re ready for a bigger, fuller life where they’re honoring themselves and setting the boundaries they need to have fantastic relationships. Women who are ready to give it their all to have their richest life ever. If you’re not ready to leave behind old patterns, leave the drama behind, and call forth your best you, no hard feelings, but it’s probably not the right time for us to work together.

  4. Do you also coach men?
    Yes, I love helping men heal their traumas as well.

  5. Why do you connect with my spirit guides?
    I connect with your spirit guides and tap into your higher consciousness to receive the highest wisdom, in order to support you better during our time together.

  6. What are the available payment plans?
    If you pay the 6 month amount up-front, you’ll receive a discount of $111 for each month. However, I understand that not everyone can make this up-front payment, so contact me to work out a payment plan if you need it. 



"I want to let you know how much our healing sessions have helped me. Your unique way of blending different modalities have touched me on many different levels. It allowed me to relax into my body and let it do it's thing. When a concern or a fear of taking my health to the next level arose, you were compassionate and respected my need for this journey to continue at it's own pace. The messages you got brought me clarity around issues that were long buried. You have a gift that the world needs." -Shari Riley, founder of Intuitive Healing